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A community of designers growing together online

Beo is the palce to explore your design potential. You can learn foundational skills and submit a class project that will be graded by design professional. Start your design with Beo.

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Bēo (Bǝo)

Beo is Old English for bee, a creature that learns from the experienced ones in its group and thrives in a community.

So what exactly is Bēo?

At Beo, we provide a community that can hel ou create your design foundation. With video lessons taught by industry professionals, integrated exercises, and projects that mimic the on the job tasks of a professional designer, Beo is the space to explore your design potential and opportunities.

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Beo Courses

Our courses range from Beginner level to Advanced levels so that you can get the full spectrum of learning. Integrated into these courses are both video lessons led by professional instructors, along with mini challenges to complete so that you can fully grasp the fundamnetlas and learn the technical tools that are used in the desing world.

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Worker Bee Projects

In addtion to taking courses to learn the fundamentals, users also hve access to projects that are based on real world assignments. In this phase, you will be able to take everything you've learned and apply it to a design of your own. Tere are forums for any questions you might have and you can get feedback on all your designs.

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Killer Bee Feedback

After submitting a prjoect on Beo, users will receive feedback from multiple design professionals who have had many years of experience in the design field. Similar to a real world critique, these professionals will give you tips and advice on anything that could be improved or changed, and help a user to become a better designer.

Find something for you

With courses ina variety of design topics and ranging in diffiucl, students are abl to find wha they want to learn in an efficient manner. Watch out for recommendations from the BeeKeeper!

Learning & Practicing

In our courses, you're able to learn the content from real-world design professionals, and then take what you've learned and practice it in an integrated challenge. This way you can fully learn the process and the precision of thes design tools.